The philosopher´s fruit

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El Instituto de Comercio Exterior (ICEX) ha puesto en marcha un completo portal de internet para vender los tesoros agroalimentarios de España en todo el mundo bajo el nombre de Foods From Spain.

Y entre ellos, ha destacado los higos de Almoharín de la variedad Calabacita a través de un reportaje de la periodista norteamericana Adrianne Smith bajo el título de “The philosopher’s fruit” (“El fruto de los filósofos”).

He aquí un resumen en inglés de este reportaje.

“Within Extremadura, the province of Cáceres is the country’s largest producer of dried figs. It is famed for the high quality, gourmet dried figs made using the area’s three most important varieties: Calabacita (or Pajarero), Cuello de Dama and Granillo. Calabacita figs are typical of the Almoharín area in southern Cáceres (west of Spain), while Cuello de Dama and Granillo figs are more traditionally cultivated in the dramatically different landscapes of the Valle del Jerte and Losar de la Vera in northern Cáceres.

Also called Pajarero, Calabacita figs are characterized by their very small size and greenish yellow hue. Whereas Cuello de Dama figs number about 60-100 units a kilo, Calabacita figs are around 130-200 units a kilo. Extraordinarily sweet and aromatic, these petite figs are marketed only in dried form because their very thin skins cause them to spoil quickly when fresh. Part of the reason that these figs are so highly valued both in and out of Spain can be attributed to the fact that their delicate skins do not alter their texture or flavor in any way”.